Ion Exchange

For years, DuPont Water Solutions has been meeting the needs of OEMs and customers in the semiconductor industry around the world. Our experience and range of solutions make us the perfect partner for the production of ultrapure water in microelectronics processing.

Reverse Osmosis

Filmtec seawater RO technology provides an industry-leading, high performance, reliable, and cost-effective solution for microelectronics applications.


DuPont's IntegraPac UF membranes provide the best solution in the microelectronics industry for treating water in semiconductor reclaiming loops, minimum liquid discharge, and UPW pretreatment applications.


In microelectronics, Ligasep degasification membranes are used to remove CO2 in the primary loop to produce deminerilized water, remove O2 in polishing loop to produce ultrapure water and remove NH3 in wastewater treatment for discharge or reuse.


EDI technology is a smart alternative to, and effective replacement of, conventional mixed bed ion exchange. And since electricity is EDI’s only consumable, this method of permeate polishing does not produce a hazardous waste stream, allowing power plants to produce continous high purity water while saving time, money, and space. DuPont EDI-210 and EDI-310 ion exchange modules contain a gaussian, gel, strong base anion exchange resin for industrial demineralization.