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AmberLite™ FPA77 UPS

    Amberlite™ FPA77 UPS Ion Exchange Resin is a high operating capacity, uniform particle size, macroporous, weak base anion resin for use in deashing sweeteners to produce low-conductivity syrups. Premium-grade Amberlite™ FPA/FPC UPS Resins help decrease operating costs, and help improve plant capacity. These premium resins extend syrup run times up to 25%, reducing downtime and the chemicals spent on regeneration. A simple change to premium Amberlite™ FPA/FPC UPS resins can postpone or eliminate the need for capital expansion. The uniformity of the beads also reduces sweetwater production and rinse requirements after regeneration, possibly reducing wastewater treatment costs. In addition to the advantages of its uniform particle size and macroporous matrix, the special formulation of Amberlite™ FPA77 UPS provides the highest operating capacity and, therefore, the lowest processing cost available.
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    Water Retention Capacity40 - 50%
    Total Exchange Capacity (eq/L)1.7
    Resin TypeWBA
    Particle Diameter (um)585 ± 62
    Ion FormFree Base
    Matrix (Styrenic/Acrylic)Styrenic
    Matrix (Gel/Macro)Macroporous
    ApplicationSweetener Deashing