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AmberLite™ HPR4780 Cl

    Amberlite™ HPR4780 Cl Ion Exchange Resin is a high-quality, bifunctional resin for use in industrial demineralization applications when high performance and cost-effective operation is required. The chemical properties and particle size of the resin have been balanced to combine a high operating capacity with low pressure drop, while reducing chemical regenerant and water usage. A bifunctional anion exchange resin combines weak base functionality with strong base functionality which enables Amberlite™ HPR4780 Cl to achieve removal of free mineral acids and weakly dissociated ions like silica and carbon dioxide. Acrylic anion resins have a hydrophilic structure providing unique chemical and physical properties allowing for easy release of the accumulated natural organic compounds during the regeneration step. The properties of the acrylic structure also enables it to withstand high osmotic or mechanical stress. This resin is ideally suited for treating waters with high organic fouling potential, more than 75% free mineral acidity, up to 10% silica, and temperature up to 35°C (95°F). Under these conditions Amberlite™ HPR4780 Cl will give excellent operating capacity with low caustic regenerant consumption. The particle size distribution of Amberlite™ HPR4780 Cl has been specially selected to give optimum performance in floating and packed bed applications.
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    Uniformity Coefficient1.7
    Water Retention Capacity58 - 62%
    Total Exchange Capacity (eq/L)1.35
    Resin TypeSBA I
    Particle Diameter (um)700 - 900
    Ion FormCl
    Matrix (Styrenic/Acrylic)Styrenic
    Matrix (Gel/Macro)Gel
    ApplicationDemineralization, Organic Fouling, Packed Beds