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AmberLite™ HPR7000

    Amberlite™ HPR7000 Ion Exchange Resin is a high-quality resin for use in industrial demineralization applications when high performance and cost-effective operation is required. This resin offers an improved rinse profile compared to other acrylic weak base anion resins. The chemical properties and particle size of the resin have been balanced to combine good operating capacity with low pressure drop, while reducing chemical regenerant and water usage. Weak base anion resins are well-suited for use with strong base anion resins to improve overall efficiency and throughput of a demineralization system. Acrylic weak base anion resins effectively remove mineral acids as well as carbon dioxide and organics, reducing the ionic load on the strong base anion resin and also protecting it from organic fouling. The weak base anion resin increases a system’s overall capacity to remove organics. Amberlite™ HPR7000 has exceptional physical stability and organic fouling resistance.
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    Uniformity Coefficient≤ 1.70
    Water Retention Capacity58 - 62%
    Total Exchange Capacity (eq/L)1.45
    Resin TypeWBA
    Particle Diameter (um)700 - 900
    Ion FormFree Base
    Matrix (Styrenic/Acrylic)Acrylic
    Matrix (Gel/Macro)Gel
    ApplicationPacked Beds, Demineralization