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AmberLite™ XAD4

    Amberlite™ XAD™4 Polymeric Adsorbent is supplied as white insoluble beads. It is a non-ionic, crosslinked polymer which derives its adsorptive properties from its macroporous structure containing both a continuous polymer phase and a continuous pore phase, high surface area, and the aromatic nature of its surface. This structure gives Amberlite™ XAD™4 excellent physical, chemical, and thermal stability. Amberlite™ XAD™4 can be used through repeated cycles, in column or batch modes, to adsorb hydrophobic molecules from polar solvents or volatile organic compounds from vapor streams. Its characteristic pore size distribution makes Amberlite™ XAD™4 an excellent choice for the adsorption of organic substances with relatively low molecular weight.
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    Water Retention Capacity54 - 60%
    Surface Area (m2/g)750.0
    Resin TypeAdsorbent
    Particle Diameter (um)490 - 690 um
    Matrix (Gel/Macro)Macroporous
    Max Operating Temp (F)302.0
    Average Pore Diameter (Angstroms)100.0