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AmberLyst™ 17DRY

    AMBERLYST™ 17DRY Polymeric Catalyst is a bead-form, strongly acidic resin developed particularly for heterogeneous acid catalysis of a wide variety of organic reactions. It is also useful in non-aqueous ion exchange systems for the removal of cationic impurities. Continuous catalysis operations in packed beds must be optimized for maximum throughput. To facilitate this, AMBERLYST 17DRY is made by a special process resulting in excellent uniformity of bead size. Compared to resins with a Gaussian particle size distribution, uniform particle size resins minimize the kinetic limitations of a longer diffusion path in large beads while also limiting the contribution to higher pressure drop introduced by smaller beads.
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    Total Exchange Capacity (eq/kg)4.7
    Surface Area (m2/g)30.0
    Resin TypeSAC
    Particle Diameter (um)475 ± 50
    Ion FormH
    Matrix (Styrenic/Acrylic)Styrenic
    Matrix (Gel/Macro)Macroporous
    AmberLyst 17DRY TDS (454.27 kB)