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DuPont™ AmberChrom™ 1x2 100-200 Cl

  • For the highest levels of selectivity, consistency, and reliability in column separations, there is no better choice than AmberChrom™ fine mesh ion exchange resins.
  • These resins consist of whole, spherical beads that provide excellent kinetic and packing properties in chromatographic separations.
  • AmberChrom™ fine mesh resins are durable, pH tolerant, clean and predictable separations media that perform consistently and reliably in fine chemical and pharmaceutical column separations.
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  • Resistant to a wide range of chemicals, salts, and pH conditions (pH range 1-14)
  • Mechanically stable
  • Available in a broad range of particle characteristics
  • Broad range of pH and buffer choices to optimize elution profile
  • High flow rates for high throughput (up to 20 bar)
  • Repeated regeneration for long resin life
  • Clean in place with aggressive acids or bases to removal foulants and facilitate sanitization
  • Suitable for use in common organic solvents used in manufacturing processes
  • Consistent performance across many cleaning cycles
Functional GroupTertiary amine functionality N(CH3)3+
CopolymerCrosslinked Divinylbenzene (DVB)
Package TypeBottle

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