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DuPont OM EDI 310 NE

    DuPont™ EDI-310 modules optimize performance, maintain continuous product quality, and can produce up to 18 megaohm-cm product water for high-purity and ultrapure industrial water applications. l Once through concentrate flow path eliminates brine injection and recirculation, greatly simplifying system designs. l Distinct spiral design prevents internal and external leaks common with compression-style plate & frame stacks. l Easy to clean, non-resin filled concentrate chambers. l Lightweight modules require no special lifting equipment, allowing for easyaccess, modular designs. l Built-in sample port for dilute product water sampling. l Cost-effective, spiral-wound DuPont™ EDI-310 modules allow system integrators to build systems that have both lower capital and operating costs when compared to conventional mixed bed ion exchange.
As low as $2,907.00
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    Product Water Resistivity (mOhm*cm)18.0
    Total Exchangeable Anions (ppm)8.0
    Recovery Rateup to 95%
    Length (in)35.9
    Operating Flow Rate (gpm)6.6 - 10.0
    Max Feed Pressure (psi)100.0
    Inlet Temperature (F)50 - 100
    DuPont Water Part #10406238.0
    Base Diameter (in)11.6
    ApplicationMake-Up Water Systems, Semiconductor