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FilmTec™ BW30XFRLE-400-34

    For reverse osmosis plant managers and operators dealing with challenging waters and wastewaters who are seeking an advanced membrane treatment with good water purity, improved fouling resistance and low energy consumption. FILMTEC™ BW30XFRLE-400/34 offers good salt-rejection with 30% lower pressures, delivers excellent silica, nitrate and ammonium rejection. Provides the most effective cleaning performance, robustness and durability due to its widest cleaning pH range (1-13) and chemical tolerance and the support of DuPont technical representatives
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    Diameter (in)8.0
    Stabilized Salt Rejection (%)11500.0
    Permeate Flow (GPD)11500
    Length (in)40.0
    Minimum Salt Rejection (%)99.1
    Min/Max cleaning pH1-13
    Membrane TypeBrackish Water
    Max Operating Pressure (psi)99.1
    Max dP (psi)15.0
    Active Area (ft2)400
    Feed spacer (mil)34.0
    Applied Pressure (psi)150.0
    ApplicationDemineralization, Municipal Drinking Water, Wastewater Reuse