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FilmTec™ TW30 1812-100HR

    FILMTEC™ Residential Elements are some of the most reliable, consistent and highest quality in the industry. Our 100 GPD elements offer a superior balance of the highest available flow with premium rejection, ideal for low feed pressure residential applications. FILMTEC™ Residential Elements feature: l New advanced membrane chemistry can achieve stabilized salt rejection of 98%. High active membrane area and twin leaf design for optimized performance. NSF58 safety Certification and reduced certification costs / resources with NSF data transfer Certification. Fully-automated manufacturing that ensures consistent and high quality elements. Dry shipping for convenient handling and longer shelf-life. Proven consistency and reliability for longer membrane life.
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    Diameter (in)1.8
    Stabilized Salt Rejection (%)98.0
    Permeate Flow (GPD)100
    Length (in)12.0
    Min/Max cleaning pH2-11
    Membrane TypeTapwater
    Max Operating Pressure (psi)150.0
    Max dP (psi)13.0
    Max Operating Temp (F)113.0
    ApplicationDrinking Water, Point of Use