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FilmTec™ TW30 2026

    FILMTEC™ Residential Elements are some of the most reliable, consistent and highest quality in the industry just got even better. Our 75 GPD elements offer the best balance of flow and highest rejection available in the market. New FILMTEC™ Residential Elements feature: l New membrane (BW60) chemistry produces industry leading 99% stabilized salt rejection. l Even longer lifetimes on high hardness water applications l Even faster start-up to reach stabilized rejection l High active membrane area and twin leaf design for optimized performance l NSF58 safety Certification and reduced certification costs / resources with NSF data transfer Certification l Fully-automated manufacturing that ensures consistent and high quality elements l Dry shipping for convenient handling and longer shelf-life l Proven consistency and reliability for longer membrane life
As low as $168.00
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    Diameter (in)2.0
    Stabilized Salt Rejection (%)99.5
    Permeate Flow (GPD)220
    Length (in)26.0
    Min/Max cleaning pH1-13
    Membrane TypeTapwater
    Max dP (psi)13.0
    Max Feed Flow Rate (gpm)5.0
    Applied Pressure (psi)225
    ApplicationCommercial Water Treatment, Food Service, Hospitality, Laboratory