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FilmTec™ TW30 2540

    FILMTEC™ reverse osmosis (RO) elements offer the highest quality water for small commercial systems purifying less than one gallon per minute (0.2 m3/d) of RO water. l FILMTEC™ membranes are available in a variety of sizes to meet a wide range of space requirements. l FILMTEC™ XLE extra low energy elements operate at the lowest pressure in the industry, resulting in lower energy costs and enabling system builders to use lower cost components. l In addition to the highest quality water and the lowest energy costs, FILMTEC™ membranes also deliver savings by providing the industry’s longest lasting and most reliable performance.
As low as $173.00
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    Diameter (in)2.5
    Stabilized Salt Rejection (%)99.5
    Permeate Flow (GPD)1000
    Length (in)40.0
    Min/Max cleaning pH1-13
    Membrane TypeTapwater
    Max dP (psi)13.0
    Max Feed Flow Rate (gpm)6.0
    Feed spacer (mil)28.0
    Applied Pressure (psi)225
    ApplicationCommercial Water Treatment, Food Service, Hospitality, Laboratory
    FilmTec TW30 2540 TDS (502.93 kB)