Ion Exchange

DuPont Water Solutions can help ensure a more dependable set of food and beverage characteristics, such as taste, color, and texture, through a variety of solutions. Our industrial and food grade IX resins and adsorbents are suitable for sugars, sweeteners, dairy, beverages, and nutrition producers.

Reverse Osmosis

FilmTec RO technology provides an industry-leading, high performance, reliable, and cost-effective solution for food & beverage applications. FilmTec is suitable for sugars, sweeteners, dairy, beverages, and nutrition producers.


Integraflux SFD ultrafiltration membranes ensure food and beverage manufacturers a quality and consistent product. Applications included dairy products, sweeteners, juices, and wines. Not only can the quality be improved by improving the quality of water used in production, but it can also be enhanced through technologies that address, for example, concentration and purification.


In food and beverage applications, especially soft drink production, using Ligasep membranes to remove dissolved oxygen can save companies CAPEX costs with a chemical-free, reduced footprint, modular design. Ligasep modules are NSF61 certified.

Case Study

Nanofiltration Produces Sparkling Clean Water for Swedish Resort Community
Lofsdalen, Sweden, had an outdated water treatment process complicated by variable water quality from an unreliable source. Using FilmTec™ NF255-400 membranes, the town could pull water from Lake Lofssjön, remove the contaminants, and provide sparking clean drinking water to the town residents and tourists.
FilmTec™ NF270-400 Element Helps National Park Service Improve Water Quality
The Denver Service Center of the U.S. National Parks struggled to treat tricky water that needed to meet EPA secondary Standards. Check out the full article to see the raw water constitutes, met requirements, and reduced operational cost.