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IntegraFlux™ SFP-2860XP

    IntegraFlux™ SFP-2860XP Ultrafiltration Modules with their shorter, 60-inch length are suitable for applications with constraints in headspace. Containing XP fiber, with up to 35% higher permeability than previous generation modules, these modules improve operating efficiencies and productivity.
As low as $2,068.00
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    Diameter (in)8.9
    Length (in)73.2
    Module Volume (gal)9.3
    Operating pH2 - 11
    Max Inlet Pressure at 20C (psi)90.65
    Membrane TypeIndustrial
    Max Inlet Pressure at 40C (psi)68.89
    Max Particle Size (um)300.0
    Flow Range per Module (gpm)8.8 - 37.4
    Filtrate Flux (gfd)24 - 65
    Active Area (ft2)549
    ApplicationMicroelectronics, Minimum Liquid Discharge