We are excited to announce that the DWSAdvantage e-store for Life Sciences is coming soon.

The e-store will sell a wide variety of DuPont polymeric resins for purifying pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical products.

Speed and convenience are critical in drug development.

Our vision for our e-store is to have benchtop-scale quantities in stock and ready for immediate shipment.


When the store opens, you’ll find:

  • AmberChrom™ chromatography resins
  • AmberChrom™ Profile™ columns
  • AmberChrom™ ion exchange resin (formerly DowEX Fine Mesh Ion Exchange Resins)
  • AmberLite™ XAD polymeric adsorbents

Our store is scheduled to go live in Q4 2021. Click here to be notified when we are open for business.

As a global market leader in adsorbents and ion exchange resins, DuPont Water Solutions offers a broad range of products specifically designed to be used in bioprocessing and drug synthesis, from advanced gene therapies to conventional small molecule APIs and virus test kits. With a wellness optimized world at our core our global research and development capabilities can enable the manufacturing of drugs now and in the future to help deliver solutions when and where they are needed resulting in better outcomes for patients and life science companies alike.