Ion Exchange

DuPont Water Solutions offers world-class innovation and expertise for power generation in fossil and nuclear power plants. Our IX technology addresses: industrial boiler feedwater, condensate polishing, fuel gas desulfurization, softening, demineralization and makeup water, stator cooling water, condensate polishing, CVCS, and blowdown applications.

Reverse Osmosis

FilmTec RO technology provides an industry-leading, high performance, reliable, and cost-effective solution for power generation applications.


For power flue gas desulfurization requiring minimum liquid discharge, operators can rely on Fortlife nanofiltration. FilmTec Fortilife XC-N series converts industrial wastewaters into a resource of purified salts for re-use. The expanded pressure range of the FilmTec Fortilife XC-N HP elements and our highly selective membranes enable systems to minimize monovalent ions remaining in the concentrate water and divalent ion passage to the permeate.


For newly installed water treament systems using non-IX based water filtration methods such as RO systems, ultrafiltration is an ideal pretreatment for challenging feed waters.


DuPont's innovative LigaSep degasification membrane is used to remove dissolved gases, such as oxygen and carbon dioxide, from water to prevent oxidation and reduce the ionic load on downstream processing equipment. Control of these gasses is an integral part of producing high quality water used in the power generation industry for CO2 removal in IX demin trains or O2 removal from boiler feedwater.


EDI technology is a smart alternative to, and effective replacement of, conventional mixed bed ion exchange. And since electricity is EDI’s only consumable, this method of permeate polishing does not produce a hazardous waste stream, allowing power plants to produce continous high purity water while saving time, money, and space. DuPont EDI-210 and EDI-310 ion exchange modules contain a gaussian, gel, strong base anion exchange resin for industrial demineralization.

Case Study

Nanofiltration Produces Sparkling Clean Water for Swedish Resort Community
Lofsdalen, Sweden, had an outdated water treatment process complicated by variable water quality from an unreliable source. Using FilmTec™ NF255-400 membranes, the town could pull water from Lake Lofssjön, remove the contaminants, and provide sparking clean drinking water to the town residents and tourists.
FilmTec™ NF270-400 Element Helps National Park Service Improve Water Quality
The Denver Service Center of the U.S. National Parks struggled to treat tricky water that needed to meet EPA secondary Standards. Check out the full article to see the raw water constitutes, met requirements, and reduced operational cost.